Fire Alarm Systems

Quality Fire Control Equipment

When it comes to fire protection, including fire control equipment and services. Because only a few seconds can make a difference between minor and severe damage, it is one of the most important decisions you can make for your home or business.

MKS uses the highest quality products and latest technology to protect your home or business from many different fire hazards, including natural gas leaks and electrical fire hazards. Our products are tailored to your exact needs, allowing you to meet the strictest standards in areas, such as laboratories and other business establishments including bars and restaurants.

So, if you are looking for a fire control systems for your home or more elaborate systems for your office or place of business, all our systems can be tailored to meet your exact needs. We offer conventional fire alarm systems, including smoke detectors and sprinkler systems.

It is not enough to have fire control equipment installed in your home or business, you also need to have proper monitoring to alert you of danger. While a stand-alone fire alarm that is typically found in homes will sound if there is fire or smoke detected, if no one hears it, it is useless.

With the professional design, installation, preventative maintenance that we provide at MKS, you can rest assured that your family, home and or business are protected to the fullest extent from the dangers of fires.

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